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On March 26th, 2024, a group of WaterAid Rwanda donors from Sweden visited the pipeline that will supply clean water to the people of Butaro and Rusarabuye Sectors, in Burera District, Northern Province.

This 3.5 kilometers water pipeline under construction by COFORWA with the support of WaterAid Rwanda will provide clean water to 6,011 residents; at Kabona health post, Kabona, Munanira and Nyamiyaga II primary schools.

The visitors, including some members of the Swedish Parliament, were very impressed by the progress of the construction of this pipeline and the renovation of the 6 water sources.

This water will solve the problem of the lack of clean water in this area, solve the problem of those who used to fetch in the Urugezi marsh land, and the problem of diseases caused by poor hygiene caused by the lack of clean water.

The Burera District Mayor, MUKAMANA Solina, as well as the beneficiaries of this project which is being implemented by COFORWA with the support of WaterAid Rwanda, said that they are very proud of it, because it will help them solve many problems caused by the lack of clean water.

The Burera District Mayor MUKAMANA Solina thanks donors for their continuous support to the District.
A group photo at the site.
COFORWA.s Executive Director, Mr. KINYANGO Jean Paul assesses the construction progress.
COFORWA’s site engineer MUGISHA Yves at the site.
COFORWA’s site engineer explained the progress the water tank construction.
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