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On March 27, 2024, The Minister of Infrastructure, Dr Jimmy Gasore joined the residents of Bugesera District, in the official launching of the Mwogo-Juru water supply system which has been constructed by COFORWA with the financial support of WaterAid Rwanda.

The water infrastructures inaugurated are the supply system and a pumping station that will supply clean water to over 46,000 people living in Mwogo and Juru sectors in Bugesera District.

The participants of this ceremony were very proud of this milestone achievement, which will help them to solve the problem of the lack of clean water in this area, and the problem of diseases caused by poor hygiene caused by the lack of clean water.

Through dance, song and drama, the beneficiaries of this project demonstrated their role in maintaining the water infrastructures inaugurated.

Beneficiaries expressed their satisfaction of having clean water

The Minister of Infrastructure, Dr Jimmy Gasore expressed his gratitude to all those involved in the construction of the water supply system, including donors, partners, as well as implementers namely; Scottish Water,WaterAid Rwanda, Bugesera District, WASAC Rwanda and COFORWA.

The Minister of Infrastructure in official launching of the Mwogo – Juru water supply system.
Beneficiaries enjoying clean water
Partners were represented
Some participants of the Juru – Mwogo water supply system inauguration ceremony
The Juru – Mwogo pumping station
The Minister of infrastructure briefed on project that brought clean water to Bugesera District.
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