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In order to continue helping its beneficiaries take care of their own hygiene, COFORWA, in collaboration with MEDICUS MUNDI, implemented a project called TUBEHO NEZA.

This project aims to help take care of hygiene and sanitation for 389 women who are in hygiene and sanitation groups in 7 Sectors of Kamonyi District.

In particular, this project helps these women to take care of the cleanliness of their homes, food and drinks, clothes, and toilets.

In this project, these women were helped to make soap, toilet covers known as “san plat”, ropes to hang clothes, etc.

The beneficiaries of this project say that it has helped them to have a better life, and that their economy has increased because of their soap business.

MUKANTAGANZWA Bernadette says that this project has helped her a lot, because it has enabled her to take care of her family’s hygiene, and that the time they used to spend going to medical care is now being used to improve their economy.

On the other hand, NYIRAHABINEZA Claudine from the Duharanire Ubuzima GATWA cooperative in the NGAMBA sector, also expressed that the TUBEHO NEZA project made her live a healthy life.

NYIRAHABINEZA reveals that TUBE NEZA project has enabled him to acquire the skills to clean the house, wash his hands, and drink boiled water.

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