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In 2014, COFORWA in collaboration with the Ministry of Education/MINEDUC established a model vocational and technical school, Saint Sylvan Technical Secondary School.

This school is located at the headquarters of COFORWA in Kibangu Sector, MUHANGA District with 438 students studying in 4 options namely: Construction option, Land Surveying and Roads, Electricity, and option of renewable energy.

COFORWA established this school in order to continue its mission of teaching young people practical skills as it has continued to do for 50 years since it was founded by Father Sylvain Bourguet.

The aim of this school is to provide high quality education with competent teachers and modern facilities.

The director of Saint Sylvan TSS, RUKUNDO Norbert, says that this school aims to improve skills as one of the goals of the Ministry of Education, and that as a technical school with modern equipments and qualified teachers, most of its students immediately get a job after completing their studies.

Those who did not get a job also go to study in universities here in the country in the IPRCs and outside.

Saint Sylvan TSS students including INGABIRE Cynthia, who is studying in the construction option, and UWANYIRIGIRA Pacific who is studying Land Surveying and Roads, show that they are happy with the quality knowledge they are receiving and they are confident that it will be useful in their future life.

Until now this school accepts private students, and others who are sent by the government.

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