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On 1st December 2023, in Kibangu Sector, Muhanga District

COFORWA members, friends and relatives remembered Father Sylvain Bourguet who founded COFORWA in 1972, and passed away on December 1st, 2000, at the age of 76.

Those who participated in this ceremony, appreciated the development activities that Sylvain Bourguet brought to the people, including the distribution of clean water in Rwanda, electricity, the construction of infrastructures including bridges,roads,vocational schools,etc.

The participants of this ceremony also decided to maintain and to continue the good activities done by Father Sylvain Bourguet.

Who is Father Sylvan Bourguet?

Father Sylvain Bourguet was born on March 16, 1924, in Chaudfontaine, Wallonie District, Liège Province, in Belgium. His parents are Matthieu Bourguet and Félicité Bourguet.

Father Sylvain Bourguet is popularly known as “Kanyamigezi” and is famous for his work in distributing clean water in Rwanda, building small dams that provide electricity in rural areas, building bridges, health centers and more.

Father Bourguet started this work after arriving in Kibangu in the former Nyakabanda Municipality in 1964, and found that the local people were poor and did not have clean water.

Father Bourguet also introduced in Ndiza area many development activities including teaching young people trades such as construction, carpentry, sewing and cooking.

Father Bourguet also did various other activities including teaching people to read and write, training them in modern agriculture and breeding, and helped parents in fighting malnutrition through the social centers he founded.

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